ford mondeo ST200 ford mondeo ST200

Some Photos of 2000RM

Despite the fairly high mileage I tend to do, I try to keep my cars looking good.

Click on the photos below for some bigger (and I mean bigger: 1600x1200) photos of the car.

DSC00116.JPG (631757 bytes) DSC00117.JPG (599526 bytes) DSC00118.JPG (676354 bytes)
DSC00119.JPG (584736 bytes) DSC00120.JPG (640534 bytes) DSC00121.JPG (640282 bytes)

Of course, sometimes people like the look of the car so much, they try to get really, really close to it...  Yes, that is a combination of rust and stuff from his car mingling nicely with the scratches he's just left. Turns out he was an uninsured driver as well.

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